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Well I was up there today, a high mountain lake and it is a serious 4X4 or quad road to get to it. My neighbour took me up there and it was wonderful, except for the weather. We left home at 0545 and got there about 45 minutes later. We arrived and carried the boat down to the shore and put her in the water, then the skies opened up..we wound up sitting in the truck for about a half hour waiting for the down pour and serious thunder storm to subside.

We finally left shore with everything happening....well we were about 3 minutes from launching when Rick brings in a nice 13 inch rainbow. About 5 minutes later he nailed another one.....well we spent about 4 and half hours and only brought in two more keepers.....the biggest about 15 inches. There were some very large fish showing on the finder but at about the 25 foot mark.

We were trolling just a lime green fly, no weight on light spinning gear (4# test) and about 60-70 feet of line so the fly was probably down about 18-24 inches...next time I'll use my fly rod...I had it with me but Rick is a major sportsman and really knows the local area. I'll follow his lead anytime.

It was a wet and rainey,cold day but we had foul weather gear, some jerky and some beer. The fishing was spotty but a ton of fun.



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