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Which fly?

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So which fly will be tied to the end of your line first this spring?
In stillwaters I mean.
I'm thinking depending on the lake, probably a micro leech or Johnnie Chironi.
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chronie chronie chronie chronie.............chronie
It's hard to say. This year I would like to start learning how to chironomid fish, and that being so, it will likely be a chronie.
Bunny leech, or chrystal chironomid.

How could I forget the Gomphus.
Had my best ever day on Peterhope on the old gomphoid.
Biggest lake rainbow as well.That bwill be a day long remembered
Hmm how about a chronie marinated in bacon grease :p

I am going to try more leech's under the indicator this year. Loop knot with a micro should be good ice off tactic:cool:

Also hope to get the into some more sink line chronie fishing this season:D .


First fly?...I'm predicting a chironi.:)

Good day all. I anticipate my trusty black leech slowly trolled from my tube will be the first fly of the year. I would really like to learn how to fish chronomids as I have tried but to no avail. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
I would pick up a copy of Gordon Honeys "Flyfishing Small Lakes" and study the chapter on chironomids.The location and depth is the only tricky part to fishing this hatch,I always use a ducan loop and spend the time searching and anchoring properly.
Thks for the info it is appreciated.
black micro leech with a bead head....mmm works great around here.....too much ice to try it now tho...LOL

First fly of the year? Weighted alevin or egg 'n' eye. . . depends on a hunch on the bank! While this might not sound like a stillwater pattern, it will be fished a the mouth of a creek in a big lake down the street, WAY too early, but in an attempt to satiate a craving. After freezing my ass off for an afternoon, I'll put the rod away for 2 months, then tie on a Size 8 maroon and olive mottled aftershaft leech with gold cone head at Brown Lk on my rod, olive baggie shrimp on my son's as we troll to the **** end and throw a chromie on in place of my leech. Likely, my son's baggie will get first fish.
Can't wait. . . that alevin is calling.
I'm thinking this year I'll start off with a muddler minnow. Last spring I caught a rather plump cutthroat at Buntzen lake it was so full of sticklebacks I was surprised the fish didn't blow up. Other than that a good old olive leech seems to work also.
Floating line,........... gun metal chromie, size 18-14, Sinking line,......... greedy bugger, size 12-8. Chalupa
many choices

Well it appears that chironies are # 1.
leeches and there many derivitives #2
I just want to fish.
Everyone has their favorites

My #1 has to be a Dragon cast to a drop off or weed bed.
My #2 is a Damsel suspended from an indicatior just above the weeds.
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