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Been on this site for long time but never post, but for whatever reason decided to today. Anyway, cuttie question for everyone. I`ve been fishing for them quite a bit for the past few years, for the most part done quite well, and have caught quite a few fish up to 18 inches. For me thats a pretty respectable fish, and im never complaining about hooking into one of those. But i have yet to see or hook into anything that was any bigger. For me that 20 inch sea run is kinda the holly grail, but it seems to be pretty hard to come by.

SO. Wondering if anyone has had much experience with sea runs on the island over the twenty inch mark

Maybe they are out there, but most of my fishing is done on one of only a few beaches or rivers. Maybe i need to find some new fish
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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