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Fished the upper Squamish on sunday with a couple of buddies. We made it as far as 28mile as the road was pretty sketchy. So we fished around that area pretty hard and not one of us got a bite or anything just a few lost flies. We did however se two bobcats which was nice to see. On the way back we crossed the bridge over to the Ashlu and made are way down to the confluence of the Ashlu and the Squamish we found a nice deep pool that hugged the bank and had some nice looking water. So I tied on a nice big sculpin fly and started working the bottom of the pool about ten minutes later I feel a tug at the end of my line, now having not even had a bite all day I just figured I had snagged a branch or something, so I gave a pull back and to my surprise I see a fish doing the head shake but alas it was to late and I missed the hook set. So I carried on working the bottom and five minutes later bang set the hook and fish on. As I start to reel it in I realize the fish is allot bigger that I thought as gets closer I see that it’s quite a dark greenish colour. At this point I though maybe it was my lucky day and I hooked a steelhead but the fish doesn't have enough fight to be a steel head. So to the beach it comes and to my surprise it's a spring salmon. I couldn't believe it I could see maybe a chum or a Coho but a spring. At least I think it was a spring it had black gums and big spots all down the it's back and tail. So back to the water it went. We fished for about half hour more but no more hook ups but we did see a few risers and they looked grim. Anyways the weather was great and I love being up there even if I don't catch anything but the spring was a good way to end the day.
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