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Northwest Cascade Power Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Run of River Power Inc. (ROR) is planning to develop seven run-of-the-river hydro-electric power projects in the Upper Pitt River watershed. ROR has begun the regulatory review process to obtain the necessary permits and approvals for the projects.

The proposed projects will have a combined capacity of 140 MW, providing an important source of clean, green renewable energy. The electricity will be connected to the power grid through one of two transmission routes: one traveling west to connect with the Cheekeye sub-station in Squamish, or the other traveling south to connect with the Port Coquitlam sub-station, in Port Coquitlam. The seven streams are tributaries to the Upper Pitt River, and include Bucklin Creek, Pinecone Creek, Homer Creek, Shale Creek, Steve Creek, Corbold Creek and Boise Creek. The components of each of the projects include a high elevation weir and water intake, penstock, powerhouse and transformer.

The Public is invited to attend two public information sessions to review the proposed projects.

The meetings will be held at the following locations:

In Squamish
Totem Hall Pitt Meadows Public Library
102 - 38551 Loggers Lane
Squamish BC, V8B 0B8
Phone (604) 689-3119
December 6, 2006, 4pm-9pm

In Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge
12047 Harris Road
Pitt Meadows BC, V3Y 2B5
Phone (604) 465-4113
December 7, 2006, 4pm-9pm

Representatives of ROR will be in attendance to answer questions regarding the project. Public comment sheets will be provided to record issues of concern regarding the project. An electronic comment sheet is provided on the ROR web site at http://www.runofriverpower.com/test//projects/pitt.shtml.

To promote public involvement in the process ROR intends to undertake two public information sessions to obtain comments.

1. The First Public Information Session (the currently advertised meetings) is intended to provide the Public with an understanding of the project and provide the opportunity for the Public to identify and discuss issues of concern.

2. The Second Public Information Session is intended to illustrate how Public comments have been considered in the design of the project, and will be undertaken in early 2007.

Additional information about the project is available online or by calling Run of River Power Inc. at 604-946-9232. Website, http://www.runofriverpower.com.
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