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I would like to fish the St. Mary's river in a few days by doing a drift in my 9' pontoon boat. I will probably stop at a couple of the local flyshops and get some advice. http://www.stmaryangler.com/ or http://www.kimberleyflyfishing.com/.

Some of the drifts I have read about online are;
1) St. Mary's Lake to the Powerline. Does anybody know where the powerline is and where some egress points would be for pulling my pontoon boat out of the water? Are there any hairy log jams? What class of water is this drift?

2) Powerline to pumphouse?

3) St. Eugene to Fort Steele? How is the fishing on this stretch of river? I would guess this is class 1 waters?


Also, any suggestions on what to have in my fly box? Sounds like 12-14 caddis, mayflys.

If you ever need help for the Columbia, Slocan or Salmo river - let me know.

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