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I kept my eye on the river levels last night and noticed that the squamish was coming down rather quickly so I took a chance and spent the day at the river today. I got there at around 10am and there were around ten cars parked there already. As I walked down to the river you can see how high the river came theres a few dead chums in the bush I'm sure. There were quite a few people there for midweek but there was enough room for all. I started fishing with a big bead head chartreuse woolly bugger and about ten cast's in I'm into a nice battle with a fresh chum got it close to the beach and pop a couple of twist and rolls and the fly comes out that’s okay cause a couple of cast's later same thing a big aggressive take followed by some nice acrobatics and good fight to the beach and once again some rolls and twists and pop but this time the fly stays with the chum :? . So this scenario lasted a couple of hours until I can finally land one on the beach where it gets the bonk. Out I went again but this time I switched to a big cone head purple woolly bugger and I couldn't keep them off. All takes were big and in the mouth, this was good cause when these fish a foul hooked it takes forever to bring them in but if you get them right in the beak they seem to come in quite quickly. Anyways I fished until 5:00pm that’s when I got spooled by the biggest fish of the day this fish hit hard and ran fast before I knew it I was into my backing and my finger got a nice cut and then pop my line snapped right off. I looked around for a while to see if I could see the line swimming around and maybe try an salvage it but no such luck. So if you catch a chum with a fly line and a purple woolly bugger hanging out of its mouth I want my line back :lol: . So today was a great day and I think I will be going up tommorow as well. These fish are great when there fresh they fight like mad.
Bead Head

Bead Head: This Chum story sounds like an experience I had once on the Kispiox fishing for steelhead.
I got slammed by an aggresive fish and it took off like a rocket straight into a large submerged stump and went around it but not before it took me into my backing.
I couldn't get to the other side so I tried to wrestle it in against the current and the stump. I managed to get some line back in ...right to the knot joining my backing and fly line.
Just as I was about to get hold of the fly line to try and save it....pop goes the knot and away sails my sinking fly line.....and fish......
I searched and searched for my line....managed to get to the other bank and walked up and down....the water was clear but couldn't see a fish or flyline.....

As I was dejectedly looking for my lost line/fish...my buddy hooks into another steelhead just to rub salt into my wound......he lands his fish ....
Later , after getting another reel and line from my buddy....i'm fishing at the tailout, and there on the bottom of the pool in about 4 ' of water is my fly line....

I fished the line up with the rod tip......got out my line-less reel.....tied the backing onto the found fly line.....strung it through another rod....screwed the reel on and proceeded to reel up the line....
Yep....you guessed Right....the fish was still on.....well -rested...and started fighting again.....
Well.....I got it ( doe ) in again.....took and picture....and released her successfullly .......

Now I can say honestly say......that I caught the same fish twice......on ONE cast.......

True Story......

I know the feeling......have lost a fly line in the Bella Coola River a with big fish that decided to swim back to the ocean on a 6/7 wt. Rod. Never knew what it was but likely a Chinook.
Those were the days when I didn't pay much attention to my nail knot......
Were you posting info. on Saltwater fishing on the Island?

I was reading about someone tying up Crab larvae imitations....? Was that you? and if so...I am moving down to VAn.Is. next year to retire and
looking forward to trying some Coho Fly fishing, S.R.C.'s and whatever else I can get to bite some fur&feathers...

I'm relocating to Parksville and thought I would try some of the local beaches between Parksville and Courtney....my mom and dad used to live around Ships Point and I've heard Nile Creek beach can be good for Cohos.?? True?


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I have a similar tale
I was fishing the Squish on the fly with my versa tip
hooked into a big fish off it went on a couple of short bursts then one big run down to my backing
i tried to slow it down (big mistake )snap went my backing and $120.00 gone down river
i went to a local hardware store as takle shop was closed (tuesdays) got a full sinking line and went back fishing a bit further up river
theni hook something
not a fish but yup my fly line all the way down to my fly(no fish)
the guy next to me was as shocked as me
what were the odds of that :?
had to explain to my wife why i bought some more fly line
not sure if she believed me :?

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Was out on the Stave last year with my buddy. He hooked into a big, silver chum that took him into his backing in about 10 seconds and snapped it in another 10. Anthony was standing next to me, swearing and cussing for about 15 minutes, when a guy came walking up the shore toward us asking everyone along the way if they had lost a full sink fly line. Yup, he hooked and landed the same chum, with Anthony's fly line still attached (fair hooked, too).
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