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Well I'm not saying that I rushed things a bit, but last weekend I tried a two-hander out and this weekend I picked up a set-up. What have I started now........

I walked in into the store on sunday and decided to pick-up some fly materials. Once I walked in I saw my buddy Bergler who just happened to be getting some stuff for himself, and somehow convinced me I should get a new rod while I was there. This usually wouldn't be a problem but my wife was in the car and would make sneeking it home much more difficult :) .

So I ended up with a nice looking Loop green 9140-4, along with a pretty little guideline reel to balance it out. Now I just have to bug him to take me fishing, that is help me figure out how to cast this dang thing. I'm hoping I can grow into this rod ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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