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Sea Run Cutthroat Lower Mainland

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I have become very interested in sea run cutthroat from the beach recently and am currently trying to get my first cutty from the beach. I am hoping I can pick the brains of a few of the members experienced in fly fishing for SRCs from the beach. I am currently reading Chester Allens book and hoping some or most of the info is transferable to BC beaches.

Any tips on recognising a good SRC beach when I see one would be great (not looking for your secret spots)
Any tips for actually spotting fish off the beaches as I am more used to fishing rivers so generally a rise is easy to see and hear and am not sure what signs I should be looking for.
How long does the beach season for SRCs last.
Do you guys focus on fry/bait fish patterns or are attractors and aquatic worm imitations also viable.
Should I use beadheads to get the flys down or non weighted to stay in the topwater.
What is a good starting point for tides.

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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