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So a while back I was given a lots of old tying materials that my girlfriend's grandfather is no longer using. Being new-ish to this I was hoping some of you might be able to help me out.

First off, does anyone have any good scud patterns that are relatively easy to tie? I know I'm being picky but preferably like dubbing, rib and shell back. I have some ultra translucent dirty yellow dubbing which looks ideal for tying scuds and I'd like to put it to use.

photo (1).jpg

Secondly, I've looked into this swannundaze stuff and would like a bit more information. From what I have read it sounds like an older method of making synthetic nymph bodies? I'm not too sure. I have heaps of the stuff, brand new packs never opened in all sorts of colors. Does this stuff double as rubber legs? and does anyone know any patterns I might be able to use it for.

Here are 3 colors I randomly chose to show. Have lots more.

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