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O.K. not me.
My buddy Gord got a decent 4 point on wednsday just before dark.
So 1 buck for 5 guys 5 days.
6 guys total, one buddy had to leave early.
We all saw plenty of game, just not enough bone to squeeze one off.

They are there, we just needed more time. It is not like those TV shows out there. Our days lasted all day!

One 5 point shed was found by my traveling buddy. A little chewed but not bad.
As well, another friend found a complete 4 point skull with rack attached.
The same guy found another set of antlers again 4 point laying a foot apart in great shape.

All in all a great trip.

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Glad there was some success.
Way to go guys.
Any mulies to be seen ?
I heard there is a shop near Salmon Arm that will chrome the skulls.
Yeah weird, but his bear skull looks cool.

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good for your guys

nice to read your report .i just ogt back from 3 days on 3-30
same thing way to many does and fawns they are every where
did pass a 4x4 friday evening.
it was a ugly one looked old and it was 4:03 pm and all i could think was do i wnat to get into this mess this late ? i will have time to gut it. then flag myself out in the dark or near dark ? after about 5 mins debating should i shoudn,t i? it was then to late and it was my first day. let him go.
next few day it was lots of spikes and 3x2 and 2x2 .
great trip windy has hell on saturday almost flaten my tent .
but great fun trip will go back last weekend of season maybe lots more of big guys
one thing that just pissed me off its the dam quads all ove the place ?i just don,t get it why they ahve to go all over the place ripping evry thing up
those guys just don,t there butts of the dam things
just ruining for us walking and they know we are there and don,t give adam
park the dam things and walk for sake of all including the animals.
and stop going of road please.stay to trails and roads if you must ride the thing all the time.
one guy on quade rode the thing first thing in morning to best area and shot one nice 5x5
what a great deer.
got to go abck one more time.
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