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Scadden Dragonfly XT2 Inflatable Raft w Inflatable "solid" floor. Excellent conditio

Selling a lightly used, rugged 11' inflatable Scadden Dragonfly XT2 raft with an inflatable solid floor. Designed for river (Class 3 rapids) and lake fishing, this raft is the ultimate in drift fishing comfort. I've owned many inflatable fishing rafts (Outcast, Steelhead, Aire) and this is BY FAR the best raft I've owned.

New it costs $2400 USD plus $400 extras. so my price ($1700) with all the custom add-ons is very reasonable.

Selling only for health reasons...

Comes with a sturdy aluminum frame with a swivel seat and stand up bar (can add extra seat), this raft is at home in Class 3 rapids or on a tranquil lake. Frame has transom for an electric or small gas motor. Has 2 sets of oars (Outcast aluminum and Scadden Carbon whitewater oars which cost $300).

The raft also has a customized anchor system with stainless steel pulleys, swivel anchor lock and rope along with a 20 lb. anchor. The custom anchor design reduces the pull resistance by 1/2 making raising and lowering the anchor a breeze!

Note: The raft design is amazing as the paddleboard insert floor inflates to a level that enables one to stand up on a completely stable floor for site fishing and casting. No other inflatable fishing raft available on the market has this unique and effective design!


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