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I fished what is left of Ross lake this past weekend. The Skagit river is extremely low and the lake has been lowered such that you have to use the US boat launches to get the boats in.

The lake was like a mirror almost the entire weekend. I caught a 3 lb rainbow and a number of 14-17 inch trout. Lots of schools in the shallow areas. On the Canadian side there is very little lake left. Did not see many trout taken from that area and I had no luck up there. Went back down past Winabego Flats on the east shore line and that seemed to be the best area. Most of the bait fisherman where going down to Cat Island. A few mosquitoes but not bad this time of the year.

It was great weather, nice fishing and fair catching. Weather was warm during the day and freexing hard at night with fog so everything is covered with ice in the morning.

Tight Lines......
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