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ROd finishes

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Just curious what people are using for wrap finishes. I've generally used flexi-coat, tried another product (can't remember the name) that has more of an amber hue but is similar in thickness. I'm looking for a thinner coating that's just as flexible, UV resistant, etc. Any suggestions of something on the market?
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No help? C'mon boys, what are you using for finishes?
I use 2 part epoxy (6 hour). I seldom use a colour preserver as I prefer the more subdued colour I get with just the epoxy finish.

Hey Spark.
All I have ever used is Flex coat.
It is easy to use and consistent.
I usually use the regular high build for my utilitarian sticks.
Something a bit more bling bling,like my two weight,I will use the thin and put just enough on in as many coats as I need, to cover the thread nicely.
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