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Powell River -- any pinks/cohos showing yet?

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I realize it's a litle early yet, but the anticipation is killing me!
Any pinks and/or cohos showing yet around the Brew Bay, Lang Creek, Lang Bay area yet?

Heading up in mid-August for a few weeks.


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Sorry for the delay in posting a report. In a word, the fishing was way off this year. Fish were late
in returning and what fish were around were pretty low in numbers. Overall, I hooked only 6 fish,
landing 5 of them. An absurd ratio to be sure, but was expecting much more action than that.

All cohos -- two largest were 10lbs & 7lbs -- second one was the first salmon I've ever hooked
that actually had the fly down his throat as though he really wanted to eat it! Figured I had a new
answer, but after only a smattering of a few short strikes, this clearly wasn't the magic key. Went
back to the streamers we normally fish and got better response.

Saw one small pod of pinks one morning, but that was it. (even in "off" years, we've always
caught some, but not this time around....)

Still, despite low catching numbers it was a great trip. Can't wait until next year!

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not yet not till mid aug , but some coho should be there soon as i get back from summer run fishin
just about the same time that I'll be getting there...


See you out there.

good sea runs bad access

there is a few at transit locations , but i have not seen any in front of the wolf man yet . i just got back from camp. got cut short but vary fun! ill go out tomorrow all day and scout and let you know . the cutts are hear and they are balling bate on the beach just around the corner from the mouth. watch for the guy who bought the corner lot he thinks he can cut access to the beach of so he gets his own little beach . he wants to move to a small town and take the only fishery away from the people! he does not really now where he moved to yet .but we will see when the fish show and there is 10 guys on his front yard back casting to his dog house at high tied eh? this is going to be a hammer year guys i can fell it ! come catch some sea runs soon, let me now when you come i got a coffee shop 2 blocks from the mouth.

4 coho and a large pink were caught of the mouth last night still a bit spooky. its nice to see them on time ....the last few years they have not really shown till mid august. the cutts are hot and heavy .Grey or blue mixed with white.

(hope you leave some for the rest of us)


1 coho and a nice pink

1st fish was on this small point of rocks, i saw him fining and nailed him on my first cast went so crazy i lost him after about 3 minuets . my wife caught the second one witch was a hatchery coho . it gave her the battle of the year. then i got a pink a very nice pink , totally silver . it was my 2nd fresh coho of the year and very tasty. lots of sea runs around must have hooked 12 last night. well its mon. and thats my day off so i guess im going fishing.
large school entered the bay

yesterday a large school of pinks entered the bay and more coho are arriving daily .must have been 20 feet across and 30 feet long and the fish are very aggressive .got a few coho yesterday and let me tell ya .....they are far from stale. .....its all about the clouser in white and blue
sweet....10 days and counting!


I have never fished up that way.
Might be time for a trip up there.
I think it might be time for a sales trip over the weekend.

What colour blue are you using for the clousers?
Also, size of hook.
Nickle plated barbells I presume?
Why is the sky blue?
i know very little and presume nothing. lol

sky ,but i dont tie......small.but not to small....red..and ... ah....cause of all the blue backs by my house are so thick ,they reflect the onto the sky by the light of the sun. .....lol.:D .and ya any time but not this weekend.. im in the city for the first time in a long wile and i wont be back till sun night .im going to pacific angler to load up !
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