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Which Nov FOTM is your favorite, vote now!

  • nmullens - General Practioner

    Votes: 7 25.9%
  • blackgivesway2blue - Steehead wet fly

    Votes: 1 3.7%
  • VancouverIslandFly - Stonefly

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • Lucky - Coquihalla Orange

    Votes: 6 22.2%
  • tbar24 - needle fish

    Votes: 7 25.9%
  • Steve Zissou - Spectrum Leech

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • andy.larkin - Discobug

    Votes: 0 0.0%

November Fly O' the Month POLL

13400 Views 35 Replies 14 Participants Last post by  Rick Baerg
November Fly O' the Month: Whatever you want fly!! Post your pictures in this months Fly O' the Month Gallery and in the October thread with the recipe for each fly, to qualify for the this months prize. Click this link to see the new monthly prizes and detials (New Fly Line) available for this contest. Happy tying, lets see those Pattern's!

This months prize (Snowbee Fly Line), provided by Nile Creek Fly Shop.
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how about we just recenter this topic where it belongs?

Professori said something in anger and frustration to a friend of his, and i'm sure that he would take it back if he could. He knows that, rick knows that, and really, anybody jumping on either of them only hurts the situation.

There's no need for everyone and their dog to weigh in on the topic, so if we could please just let it return to the vote and the flies tied for the competition, i know that most people would appreciate it.

I'll be the first:

While i normally only vote for a fly that i think is somewhat original, that's a pretty nicely tied general practitioner.

Maybe not as nice as that leech that was tied though? ;)
agreed, consider it done!

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ok send me a pm and i can show you how to post it or send me the pic and ill resize it and ill send it back. its not hard i no you got paint you can resize it in there. or ANY pic program ITS NOT ricks fault you cant rezise a pic... the site works fine.
yet again i was offering people help that still couldn't get it working so why are you talking?
OK, so why did it work with the same pics 2 months ago? And the one i uploaded to my gallery today worked with out any re-sizing.

ok boys really, c'mon, not everything is perfect, accept it and move on
now back to the thread, its november fly o the month poll, not november b**** fest ,
the problem is solved, so just drop it
Wow, that's likely the most epic b!%@# fest I've heard in a while ;)

Just watched Kessler score from behind the net while on his belly with a Duck D-man on his back!

Thanks for trying to calm things down tbar, I hope people can take out their frustrations at their vises with some ultra competitive fly tying!!
Yes, there was a problem that was brought to my attention, by newsteelyman on Nov 13th, thank you. The problem was with the software after a software update, which I didn't know about or know how long it had been going on for. Unfortunately I was unable to fix the problem till yesterday. Thanks newsteelyman for bringing this to my attention, so it can be delt with. In the future if you are noticing something not working right, it only takes a second to send me a PM and I will try to fix it!
Well, I was undecide between the un-named and the Coquihalla Orange, because they are like a steelhead version of a traditional salmon fly. But wait! btree is a mod now, and I can't vote for the unnamed? Ouch, that hurts :)
I actually like them all - some are really buggy, some are pretty...comparing apples to oranges.

But I won't say who I voted for, just to keep it a surprise....
Couple more days left, get your vote in! :) Should we do this again? What would be the Jan FOTM?
Couple more days left, get your vote in! :) Should we do this again? What would be the Jan FOTM?
have you done chronomids yet? how about patterns with all mystery materials, i.e. antistatic bags, pompoms, tinfoil, carpet, lint.......just a thought to get some fresh new patterns. you never know the fish might like flys that are not made with store bought supplies:S
How about a Sculpin pattern? Always looking to tie (and fish) more of those little buggers !
how about steelhead patterns, always great to see what some of the better tiers can do?
Anything for still waters or steelhead is fine by me. Sculpins would be interesting as well.
Steelhead, stillwater, sculpins, you name it I am in either way. Didn't have time to get a tie together for December but if you decide to continue running FOTM I am in for January. Steelhead would be awesome as I am working on getting my Steelhead fly box filled up, it would be cool to see what other members are tying! I will get some more ideas once we get our Steelhead fly swap fly's back also.
The winner is nmullens, :thumbsup: Congrats please send me a PM with your mailing address and I will send off the prize. thanks to all who participated and voted in this months FOTM!
21 - 36 of 36 Posts
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