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Well it is an even year so time for the biannual trip to Port McNeil to fish with some great friends.
See you in august Anchor.
Over the last couple of seasons the crew I fish with and myself have noticed we keep tying our flies smaller and smaller with great results.
Who would think that coho like to eat dead drifted #10 crab larvae/fry patterns like trout!
What a blast.
The pinks are a lot of fun,but I notice that every year I keep trying techniques that are way out in left field to make it tougher,yet more fun.
Also at high tide,fish inside the kelp beds for sea run cuttie and dollies.
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crab larve fished like a chronie for coho? That sounds pretty cool. Care to elaborate on any possible patterns I could try?
we fish a small streamer.
Very sparse,light blue and chartruese.
small grizzly tips for lateral lines.
Lots of room for experimentation.
Crab larvae are basically transparent so take it
from there.
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