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May Long weekend review for Big Bar Lake

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Big Bar Lake is an hours dirt road just past Clinton. In the heart of the cowboy country Big Bar is a fishers delight. My uncle and I went up the early may. Was the best trip ever. On the first night there we went out in the evening and nothing. That night it rained and thundered with entised the fish and just turned them on. The next day i went out alone on the boat and in the first hour i caught 8 fish. Nice 2 lb rainbows with alot of fight. My uncle went out and he caught 10 later in the day. The last morning I went out to try and get a couple more before we left. I got a huge one up to the boat. Big for this lake anyhow and she got away on the side of the boat. I had a few more bites that morning but nothing like the day before. I had been up to Big Bar a few times previously and only got one bite that got away. I would recommend going. Im not sure what fly we used but it was like magic.
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