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Hello to All,

I'm looking for direction and sugestions please.

My son and I are planning our six day annual fly fishing trip for the first week of June 2023.
We usually go to the Vanderhoof / Burns Lake area in late August.

So this year we want to try something different and go earlier and make Mackenzie our centre and work out from the town.
Is this a good idea.

It seems their is numerous stocked lakes plus only a 1.5 hour drive to Carp Lake.
We have a 14' Marlon with 20hp Honda, plus an electric motor.

I can't see us going on Mackenzie Lake as I grew up on Babine Lake and I know
how dangerous these large lakes can be.

Though I'm thinking we could probably go into the south end of the lake where the Pack and Parsnip rivers enter the lake.
I still need to see is that is even allowed.

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