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Make your loops for leader attachment. http://www.flyfisherman.com/skills/erloops/index.html
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thats a cool article but i not sure what kind of glue you would use to finish the loops, any recomendations???
Ive used aqua seal, but that takes long. Double nail knots,drop of crazy glue then shrink wrap.

also make overhand knot to make loops in mono.
I use the Dan Blanton method but I make a loop on the reel end of my fly line big enough to go around my entire reel. This makes it much easier for me to change fly lines.
The link keeps redirecting me to http://www.flyfisherman.com/how-to

Anyone have a direct link to the article or can give me the title?
The whole site has changed, and you might have to register and log in, but try this link. http://www.flyfisherman.com/content/lots-loops
Homemade welded loops.

Check this link out:


I have made several this way with no problems.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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