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O.K. guys. Which lines do you like best for your beach fishing?
Floater-Greys I believe it is an xd correct me if I am wrong.
I still really like the S.A. Striper as well for an intermediate. But the loop adapted for single hand can also be excellant.
A friend of mine up the Island has me two handing off the beach now as well.
I can't believe I didn't try this sooner...Sound familiar.
It is so effective. I thought it would be a pain in the keister to strip line back for coho and cast again. Not so. Just stand farther away ( because you can )
and strip through the productive zone and cast again when you reach the sweet spot on the line.
Now I need a saltwater spey reel!

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Salt Water Beach Lines

well,from a guy that fishes the East Coast Beaches of Vancouver Island (alot)I have some line recomendations. For Pinks I prefer a slow sink line even a sink tip line such as the Greys Intermediate/float line. the front 30+ feet is very slow sink and loads very well.the line can be cast quickly and distance casting is a bonus.A good caster can cast the entire line (85') with One false cast.The Hardy Mach 1 Trout lines are great both floating and slow sinking(Clear). Many of the local guys (beach rats) are beginning to use Monics Clear Flaoting line... MY favorite lines off the beach are the Hardy Mach 1 Trout lines and Snowbee's XS Series(especially the Extreme distance)...for both Coho and Pinks. When the weather gets rougher I use small Two Handers ,Hardy Mach 1 Clear(Inter') or Floating ,The Snowbee Short Head Spey are to me the easiest overhead casting lines...IMO...being cold water necessitates the need for braided core lines and subtle finishes ...Mono Core lines Suck for this>>>COILS!
This is going to be a good Pink year for Mainlanders and some areas of the Island...tight lines
I have used the 40 + but find the line used to delaminate and splashed too much... SA's Stillwater was a local fav' but it coils way too much. Snowbee does have a clear Intermediate line that is very good. Don't bother with the Rio Lake version...it is like Stainless Steel coils in cold ocean water.
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