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Well I just got back from my first camp out trip of the year.

The wife and I spent a few days on Leighton lake and Tunkwa. We haven't been up to that neck of the woods for a few years now. And our general comments were an amazement of how the pine beeltle is devisation our beautiful province. It almost felt like fall with the dying trees.

The fishing was a little slow. I still got into a couple of nice fights. I average 3 fish per day. Trolling of leecth patterns or damsels were very slow. The fun happened in the moring on a black with red chromid with a silver bead. One fellow I observed on a red pontoon boat was nailing them all weekend. In fact I saw him rake in 6 with in a half hour on Saturday. He impressed me with his methods and I learned a bit from a distance.

The action all happened in front of the second Island and a little deeper (not that Leighton lake is deep) to the North side.

There was quite a few of campers/fishing at Leighton lake as all camp sites were full all week/weekend. It almost gave me flashbacks of guiding at Rivers Inlet up at the head in the begining of August. I hate getting cut off with chowders who don't understand the methods and the proper ediquite of trolling.

All in all I can't wait to get back out there. I will post some pics when I get a chance.
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