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Hardy Gem Rods and Reels

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I have had to consider posting this thread very seriously ,but the important message here is a Sale that seems to be ending an era of wondeful fishing rods not only from the House of Hardy but for all Fly Fishers.Since Hardy is the oldest active Fly Fishing Company in the world it only stands to reason that they have seen the most changes within the fly fishing world. I was asked today to spread the word about a Xmas Sale at Oceanside Outfitters fly shop in Qualicum Beach.752-4566(250) All Hardy Gem Rods and Reels are 30% off list...there are several Gem Smugglers (5 and 6 wts) an incredible Gem 12' 8Wt Two Hander,some 13's and a 14, and the Gem Reels fully Salt Water friendly and use Av CArb for their drags system..nothing better..and guaranteed for Life.
My real point here is that I see this as an end to very fine fishing rods. There are many very fine casting rods but there are very few fine fishing rods. It seems that the greatest majority of Rod Manufacturers are going Space Age,the new Winston Boron,Hardy Angel and Zane,Greys Z-Tech ,Sage Z-Axis,and so on...have you seen the new reel seats...some look like metalic leggo legs,or off shutes of Terminator arms.Get in on the action,,,it won't last long.
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