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Fishable & Collectible vintage bamboo fly rod. Truly rare and hard to find.

The “True Action” fly rods from the The Old Faithful Rod Co. were made under the Wright & McGill Corp. sometime after their acquisition of Granger (W&M Granger : late 1940’s – early 1950s). “Wright & McGill marketed rods under the Old Faithful Rod Co. label for two reasons. First, to avoid direct competition with Wright & McGill dealers ("fair trade" laws were in effect at the time) and secondly, to have an outlet for cane blanks with minor quality control flaws, most of which are fairly undetectable. The taper is the same as any other corresponding W&M Granger, but the hardware and wraps were simplified and/or less expensive. “ from classicflyrodforum.com

- Fully assembled 8’10”
- The lengths of the pieces are: bottom section 36-1/2”, mid section 36-1/2”, tip1 34-1/4”, tip2 33-3/4”. (2 tips)
- The aluminum reel seat is 3-1/4” butt-cork.
When weighed today I get a reading of 5.5oz. may have been coded as an 8155 (?)
Three of the lower guides have been re-wrapped

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