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First Time Spey - Which cast to learn First for Steelhead?

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I'm looking for suggestions on which cast to learn first. I have watched a couple of videos and thought I would try the Double Spey First.
I typically like to fly fish for steelhead in medium to large rivers.

Should I try to learn Double Spey first......
I have a 14' Sage with Rio Versi-Tip Spey line.

I would like to learn on a river where I might actually hook some winter run steelies.
Might as well practice where there's some fish.....and I will choose times when I wont' be bothering anyone with thrashing the water.

Double Spey? Single Spey? what's the easiest and quickest to learn.....?

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A very good question with lots of possibilities...however,with the rod/line you have it would be a good choice to learn the Roll cast...yes,the roll cast and the many variations thereof! A 14 ' rod can easily deliver 80 ' with a good weighted tip on. Advanceing the roll cast to a moving roll cast will allow you to perfect a "V" loop with plenty of energy and little stress on your physique. Initially you should try to have a very colourful fly that is easy to spot and always watch your fly...it is the anchor that permits the "rod" to torque effectively. With the moving roll cast you will soon see the formation of the "white Mouse" very consistently...this is the line speed you are basically looking for and this will lead you into all the other casts such as the Single,Double,Switch,Snap and circle "C",Snake Roll and many more. Do not forget to use your rod tip for the "feel"...newer rods are much more sensitive in this area unlike the traditional "soft rods. Don't confuse yourself with too much info' and too many casts...they are all very similar ..learn the basics and watch your fly!
C :wink:
PS...the versi-tip line is ok but there are much better tip systems available
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Thanks for the tips SalaR.... I'm assuming that I would work on the standard 'roll cast' except that I am using two hands and then it logically progresses into one complete motion which you are calling a 'moving roll cast'. The 'white mouse' is the disturbance created with the line breaking the water surface?.....
I will try it out and work on it.....
After having seen a couple of videos, the roll cast which I know from single hand rods , seems fairly close to the single spey but not the same.

I see that you are from Qualicum...do you do much coho fishing wading in the 'chuck' with your spey or other fly equipment?
I'm moving down to Parksville next year and will be fishing on the Island of course as well as other areas.
Is there a FlyFishing Club in Parksville/Qual. area?

thanks again...javascript:emoticon(':)')
It looks like a mass exodus from GP, my next door neighbors just moved here from there. Mid Island Castaways is good place to start http://www.midislandcastaways.com/

If you can get the last three or four issues of BC Outdoors Sportfishing, Dana Sturn has some really great spey teaching articles for the beginner caster. You could also check http://www.speypages.com/speyclave/index.php.

: K.I.S.S. will ultimately provide you with the best results ,least amount of work and less body impact from trying too hard. All great casters make it look easy because it is....simple moves always with a "white Mouse" ,watch your fly,come up to your cast, good rod position makes this all easy. Even the underhand cast follows these principles. Simon Gawesworth,Andy Murray, Derek Brown ,and so many other good casters use the same yet individualized techniques.
The easiest line I have seen to teach beginners or those struggling with the casts is the Hardy Mach 1 or 2 Spey Lines(Floating....the Mach 2 replaced the Mach 1 in 2006) It is worth the investment to have one of these lines. SA's Short Head Spey line and Mid are also good but don'y unfold as nicely and are a bit stiffer.
Welcome to the Island when you do move and the beaches at times are unbelievable...although the past 2 years have been difficult for Coho at times.2007 will be a good year for both Pinks and Coho

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Speynut said:
It looks like a mass exodus from GP, my next door neighbors just moved here from there. Mid Island Castaways is good place to start http://www.midislandcastaways.com/

Speynut: Casting when it's cold is one thing...but tossing flies onto a frozen ribbon of ice is, at the very least, depressing.

Don't worry Speynut, I tell everyone up here that it always rains on the coast, the Ferries are a pain, the women are all ugly and there's no fish. javascript:emoticon(':wink:')
SalaR and Professori:
thanks for the website to Mid Islanders Club....that's great news and K.I.S.S. philosophy for speycasts.
this is my last winter up here. Returning home. Miss that salt water and fishy smell....
thanks once again...this is a great website....lots of folks willing to share info.

cheers...keep your eyes open for me ....I'll be the guy with spey line around his neck and the fly stuck in my ear !
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