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I just caught (and released) my first ever cutthroat from the salt this morning. Fry imitations were being completely ignored so I gave a Tom Thumb a try and hooked this little guy almost immediately.

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awwww, isn't he cute! They're one scrappy fish, regardless of their size! What wt were you using?

Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to get out for some salty cutties!
Awesome! Nice fish.
11th Warrior, I'm using a 6 weight. Certainly overkill for this little guy, but it's the lightest rod I've got right now. For calm days like today, a lighter rod would have been ideal.
Congratulations. This is a day that you won't forget. I caught my first ct off the beach, a 12.5" hatchery, on August 21, 1993 on a #1 Silver Mepps spinner (and yes, a journal helps with the memories!). Caught coho and cutts in the weeks following and quickly became a little beach junkie.
Congrats Cameron T120, keep at it and there will be more. I have a 3wt i use on calm days on the beach. Thats a fun rod, but i snapped it so its getting fixed just now! Bad timing!

Good luck getting more!
ya my favourite is a 4 weight.. Nice fish!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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