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It seems that the fish have magically vanished since sometime on the weekend :( Last week was epic, but now it seems to be over until more fish show up...

Went out today casted to empty water and asked around - nothing showing, only 1 fish caught in today and only one small school seen in the morning. Last week it seemed like you could have walked to the ligthhouse and back on jumping fish.

Heading out to a different spot tomorrow, and likely won't go back to the Clux until the next full moon to see if any fresh fish arrive.

Weather up here seems to be consistently foggy with low but steady breeze. Should be perfect fishing conditions...

Not sure of the extent of the truth of this...but one of the old timers that stays up there for a lengthly period over the summer told me that they had just opened up some commercial fishing in that area and that was why they "vanished" as they were either caught or chased south.
Who knows? All I know is, I'm glad I finally hit a fishery on a HOT time, rather than my typical days where the locals say "oh man, you should have been here yesterday" lol
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