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Went up and fished Black Lake in Roche Lake Park for five hours yesterday in the pouring rain. Didn't think the weather would penetrate that far inland but it did and it made the day rather miserable. The fishing was S-L-O-W at best, which really surprised me as I thought it would have surely picked up since I had been to Face Lake (see early report). I got skunked and my buddy got one nice rainbow. Strange thing is, we we're targeting Brook Trout. We asked others on the lake and those staying lakeside about Brookies and the fishing there and they said all fish we're few and far between. Everything I've read about Brookies states that they do far better in lakes where they are the exclusive trout species. From my understanding Black was not stocked for quite some time with Rainbows but who knows. The lake had great structure and I'd like to return there but not on a weekend where the weather is questionable and maybe after I hear the fishing has picked up in that area. I guess it means this fall season is due to arrive late after all the nice weather we've been having.
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