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  1. Fly Swaps
    Hey guys, is anyone interested in a winter steelhead fly swap? I would like to host one for 12 tiers, so myself and 11 more. The dead line to sign up would be november 1st and the flies would need to be in by december 15th. So that should give everyone plenty of time. Just let me know in this...
  2. Fly Swaps
    Anyone interested in doing another saltwater fly swap? Please reply to this thread if you are interested. Here are the details; All flies HAVE to be tied on 100% Stainless Steel hooks, (no nickle plated) this is a must, don't send them if they are not on SS hooks. The deadline to have your...
  3. Fly Swaps
    Ok folks, its that time of year again, Minnows!! :D For those that don't know how a fly swap works, please read the swap rules and directions by following this link, http://www.flyfishbc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=748 Once you have decided you want to be part of this swap you need to tie...
  4. Fly Swaps
    This Swap is now closed Hi all So i decided i'd like to host my first fly swap, and i decided what better flies to do than coho flies, the patterns can be for salt, estuary or river as i think it'd be nice to get a wide variety of patterns all flies to be tied on stainless/ nickel or...
1-4 of 4 Results