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  1. Fly Fishing
    Hi everyone! I'm heading on a short hiking trip to Joffre lakes later this August and I was wondering if anyone has any info as it would be a huge help. I saw a thread for the lakes on this site but it hasn't been updated since 2009 so I thought I would make a post for everyone to share more...
  2. Stillwaters
    I am thinking of heading to Rose Valley soon for an afternoon of Rainbow action. I have never been to Rose Valley yet, what sort of flies should I try out? Also I will be fishing from shore so is the South side (Dam side) better or should I try out the North side? Thanks.
  3. Stillwaters
    Early September I'm going to Houston, BC to fish the Morice for 2 weeks. As a NRA I'm not allowed anymore to fish the rivers there during the weekends, so some stillwater fishing and recreational sightseeing will be done to kill some time there. Besides my Speyrods, my#6 rod is now joining me...
  4. Stillwaters
    Howdy all, I'm a relative newbie to the fly fishing world, and am more or less self-taught (read a book by Morris & Chan, that's about it). I started with a cheap fly rod combo, and am looking to upgrade. Living in Vernon, I am addicted fishing rainbows from my belly boat on the smaller lakes...
  5. Fly Fishing
    well i have moved deeper into the south of powell river area . which has found me with no internet . but i wanted to tell any one who is coming to powell river to fish lois or in the area ,that we got our club house up and running for gatherings and people from out of town to stay and fish out...
  6. Stillwaters
    Hey all, I’m starting to plan a first trip up from central WA for lake fishing. My timeframe (dictated by work) will be mid-June and I’ll probably have 4-5 days to fish. I’m looking for input for a handful of lakes to get a feel for the Merritt/Kamloops region. I'll be bringing my water...
  7. Stillwaters
    Anybody fished peterhope lately? I have been skunked there enough times to know better. But I have also landed my largest 'loops bow there as well. Might head up this weekend. Tanks
1-7 of 7 Results