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  1. Fly Fishing
    Hey all I'm wondering if anyone has any experience fishing the Kettle River this time of the year? I'm going to make a first serious attempt at (semi)big river fishing and was just wondering if any kind gentlemen out there would share a tip or two on fishing the Kettle. I'll be approaching the...
  2. Stillwaters
    Greetings all Have been working almost to the arctic circle this year currently 330 km's northwest of Yellowknife at a gold exploration canp(10 People in total,1 drill 2 sets of drillers) ice still approx 28 inches thick but going fast,wind has been warm last few days.Lots of dark spots on ice...
  3. Fly Fishing
    How do you go about fishing for these on the fly? I'm from Nanaimo and thought it would be a nice change to hit some closer lakes for bass. I have heard that a dead drift with a green wooly bugger works if you know where to go. Are there any other good techniques?
1-3 of 3 Results