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  1. Spey Casting
    anyone here ever used the Temple Fork Outfitters spey rods? i really love their single handers (i'll fish with them before i use a Sage. lol). I would like to get into the spey game in the next year or two and am starting my research. what kind of lines match nicely with the TFO rods? this...
  2. Fly Tackle Discussion
    Any bamboo rod makers out there? Anybody interested in taking part in a bamboo rod making forum? Bamboo is making a bit of a comeback and more people are getting into building/making split cane bamboo fly rods. There are a couple of forums in the US but none I know about that are based in...
  3. Advertiser Specials
    Well,for all you serious Trout fishers we are now carrying Willow Reels and Mystic Fly Rods...and I have to say that they have really nailed down the design of both their fly rod range and hand made small fly reel range. We we looking to carry at our fly shop something a bit special and have...
  4. Fly Fishing
    one person is allowed 2 rods while alone in a boat, but does a float tube count as a boat? i have seen many people using 2 rods in a float tube but is it ok?
  5. Off-Topic Lounge
    Well guys I done it. I quit my job today and am coming home. PR is the place for me. Dont worry tbar those flies are going to good use. Im taking a few days to make it to Van and am goona fish all the rivers and streams i can on my way across. Just a heads up cause when i get back its time to go...
  6. Fly Fishing
    back in pr we have big cuttys. jsut being blunt. but we also have a lot of lakes that are full of 1.5lb fish and less which are relative to size, very scrappy. i have a 5 weight rod which is great for i feel all around fishing in the area. good for big and smaller fish. i also have my 8 weight...
1-6 of 6 Results