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  1. Buy, Sell or Trade - Classifieds
    SOLD SOLD SOLDBox and neoprene case included.Used for 2 weeks last year on the Bulkley/Skeena. Like new condition!! Only selling because I was given an Islander IC 10 a gift. Great click pawl spey reel for steelies. Comes with 525 grain Skadgit head with airflow running line and 200 plus yards...
  2. Fly Tackle Discussion
    Has anyone used the eastfork or current reels in saltwater for any period of time? If so, what have you thought about them?
  3. Advertiser Specials
    Well,for all you serious Trout fishers we are now carrying Willow Reels and Mystic Fly Rods...and I have to say that they have really nailed down the design of both their fly rod range and hand made small fly reel range. We we looking to carry at our fly shop something a bit special and have...
1-3 of 3 Results