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  1. Fly Fishing
    I've been using a William Joseph Confluence fly fishing pack for a couple of years now. I like it very much, but have not yet figured out a use for the 'things' along the bottom edge of the front of the pack (see pics). Does anyone know?
  2. Stillwaters
    Due to the fact that I am new to fly fishing, I am interested in trying to fish chironomids. I understand that the best way to fish chironomids (and most flies) is to be completely still in the lake by using 2 anchors. I have a 12 foot aluminum boat and I am wondering what type and weight of...
  3. Floating Craft
    Does anybody have any insight on the Buck Bag Southfork Pontoon Package(doesn't come with motor mount). I am interested in getting one or should I look closer at Fish Cats line or Colorado XT? Thanks in advance
  4. Stillwaters
    I'm thinking of taking the family up to corbett lake for a couple of days. Ive heard the fish are fed pellets, to gain size on the private lake, i pressume. Would these fish be fished any differently than a regular stocked lake? :thumbsup:
  5. Fly Fishing
    My girlfriend and I are spending the next few days in Vancouver. We left Penticton at 4 AM today so we could fish the Vedder river on our way through. We'd never been on the river before and have never been steelheading either! Lots of fun, beautiful river... No bites. Anyways, we're planning on...
1-5 of 5 Results