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  1. Stillwaters
    Looking for any reviews or input (from flyfishbc users) on the OSG Commander and also if there's any used ones up for sale?? Cheers.
  2. Fly Fishing
    Just wondering if anyone has ever floated the Thompson from Ashcroft to Spences Bridge on a pontoon boat? Through Black Canyon, etc. I've floated Savona to Ashcroft and it all was pretty mild stuff but I've heard it gets hairier after Ashcroft. Anyone with any experience with this?
  3. Floating Craft
    I am looking to buy an electric trolling motor for my pontoon and aluminum boat and have 2 questions Its a Outcast Discovery IR-10. I assume the weight on board including the boat would be roughly 300-350lbs(this would also include the battery). I also have a light weight aluminum boat aprox...
  4. Floating Craft
    Hey all, Im looking for a new pontoon boat at the end of the summer, but am not too sure what too look for. I've been looking around but still, not too sure what to look for. I'll be looking in the range of 500 give or take, and one thats reliable enough to take it into the rivers as a drift...
  5. Floating Craft
    Does anybody have any insight on the Buck Bag Southfork Pontoon Package(doesn't come with motor mount). I am interested in getting one or should I look closer at Fish Cats line or Colorado XT? Thanks in advance
  6. Fly Fishing
    Hello all I am thinking of buying a pontoon boat for salt and fresh water use. What do I need to know before I spend the doe?
  7. Floating Craft
    Hey guys. now to start off i love my belly boat. but for those 3 to 4 hour trips on the water i think a pontoon boat would be great. and a little more warm(only have i believe 3ml waders, which do alright). What im wondering is has anyone run into pontoon boats that a relatively comfortable...
  8. Floating Craft
    Hi All, I recently bought myself a Discovery IR9 pontoon boat and now find myself wondering how to store it. No mention of proper technique in the manual. 1) Do you roll or fold your pontoons? 2) Is it necessary to take out the bladders? 3) I was thinking a hockey bag might be large enough...
  9. Floating Craft
    how do you guys rig up rod holders on your pontoon boats? i have a FishCat cougar, so it has the quad pontoons. i've tried the strap mount for the Scotty rod holders, but couldn't get it to work. i'm thinking of welding a plate onto the frame so i can bolt on the flush mount. any ideas?
1-9 of 9 Results