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  1. Fly Fishing
    Well we went over to Morgan today. Full on algae bloom that, if I was reading my fish finder rite must have been close to 20 ft. thick. Also there was island size patches of I think chara weed floating around which had been dislodged from the bottom. To top it off, by the end of the day I was...
  2. Stillwaters
    We visited Morgan Lake today to take a look. It was mostly over cast with a light wind, very minimal surface activity. there were about 6 units on the lake including a couple of trollers. The one pair off fisherman we talked to said that the 2 fish that they had managed to catch were stuffed...
  3. Stillwaters
    Howdy, I am thinking about venturing forth to explore the lakes on the Florence Lake Forest road, namely: Sayres, Morgan and Florence Lakes. These are classified as SL4 lakes and some old books I have suggest that the fishing can be quite good. I am hoping that the no-retention, fairly long...
  4. Ice Off Reports 2010
    Just got an e-mail from Kamloops and Morgan and Six Mile are ice free! WOW!
1-4 of 4 Results