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  1. Fly Tying
    So I just finished a tom thumb tying marathon, replenishing my stock of them (most of which were ravaged on the kettle river). I "suffer" (lets call it a major inconvenience) from seasonal allergies, as well as from a plethora of other things. Namely grasses, pollen, certain animal hairs and the...
  2. Fly Tying
    I was wondering if any of the more veteran fly tiers on here have any suggestions for rubber leg and body materials that can be bought at the average craft store for stoneflies. I'm looking to tie up some flies for a trip this weekend, and rubber legs would be nice. Tough part is that the fly...
  3. Fly Tying
    These flies look similar to what I will typically tie for Winter Steelhead fishing...the Minnow looking fly is not typical yet very effective...what I like about these flies is having the ability to change them in the field...different colour cone heads or different weight,different length tubes...
  4. Fly Tying
    To quote johnk " Anyone addicted to new materials definitely should NOT look at Hareline's website and definitely do NOT look at the grizzly krystal flash! It made me giddy to see so many new products! " Who else has a new material to tell us about. BTW John, I have seen the Grizzly Flashabou...
1-4 of 4 Results