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  1. Stillwaters
    well i think im going to be so busy roasting pig and managing a bash i will not be able to get to the lake. but this weekend is the may long weekend i am roasting a pig and having a may long weekend campout and party at my farm. if anyone would still like to come and fish at the lake and camp...
  2. Fly Fishing
    Hi~ Fellas!! I just got a SA Mastery 8wt WF floating line, and planning to use with some sink tips. I tried to figure the length of the head and it was quiet long, so if I cut the entire head the rest of the line will be almost half of its own. How long should I cut of the head part?? I will...
  3. Stillwaters
    OK GUYS ....i want to kill the small pig of 4 that i have on the farm, i want to roast in a pit of coals and i want you guys to come fish lois and eat this fatty with me . MAY LONG weekend ! put it on the calender boys! come up and camp on the farm ,ill kill a pig, and lets catch big hog...
1-3 of 3 Results