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    Introduction to Chironomid Techniques with Trevor Welton It is widely known that chironomids are the number one food source for trout in BC’s prolific lakes. Therefore it should be no surprise that to be a top stillwater angler you need to have a solid understanding of the chironomid life...
  2. Stillwaters
    Adams river is slow now due to so many eggs and sockeye, so wondering what people's favorite lakes are around Kamloops and the Shuswap for belly boating. I like small remote lakes (belly boating) that require a bit of exploring in the 4x4 to get into. Was into the Roche Lake park on Sunday and...
  3. Stillwaters
    After having company the entire month of August (that's a sympathy plea) the wife and I are heading for the Cariboo Chilcotin area for R&R. We've never been there. We are self sufficient tent campers. We have both kick boats and a canoe. We'll be leaving within 5 days. We are dedicated fly...
  4. Stillwaters
    The famly and I are heading to 100 Mile House next week for a couple of days. I will only have a day on a lake with my tube. As it's been many years since I've fished that area I would love some suggestions of small to medium sized lakes that I should try from anyone who is willing to share...
  5. Stillwaters
    Anyone been up to these lakes? Going there 3rd week of Sept. Should I assume they are similar to Thalia, Kump,Chain etc as they are in the general area? Any info appreciated. Thanks gmason
  6. Stillwaters
    I'm making the move from Winnipeg to Victoria/Nanaimo this October as I am enrolling in a Fisheries & Aquaculture program at VIU for Fall 2011, and was curious of any triploid stillwater fisheries on the island. Feel free to PM, as any information is appreciated! I'm not really looking for the...
  7. Stillwaters
    Does anyone know which is the easiest way to hike a float tube into geen lake ? I know where it is on the map but couldnt find a trail to it. Thanks so much.
  8. Stillwaters
    was at murphy lakes on sunday. Fishing was awesome ran a floating line sink tip with 10ft of leader and a shrimp and slayed fish all day, The first lake was productive basically anywere. I fished the shores for a while catching 9-12 inchers, then fished middle of the first lake seemed to have...
  9. Stillwaters
    Hi guys, Long-time member, posting after a considerable absence... I fished Gracie Lake over the weekend, with wonderful results.... I'll provide more info if you PM.... Anybody fished it, or other Vancouver Island lakes of late?...have reports to share?... Thanks, D4andc
  10. Stillwaters
    Heading into Thuya Lakes in the latter part of June. This is my second trip in there in as many years. Lots of water to pick from in this area. Does anyone have any suggestions on tactics that may land us some bigger fish. Apparently there are big fish up in this area, but we certainly did not...
  11. Stillwaters
    I know of a few lakes around the okanagan that are stated "walk in access only" in the regs. It really bothers me when people drive in on quads when the lake is supposed to be a walk in. It is alot of work to get a boat into these lakes and it defeats the purpose of a walk in lake when people...
  12. Stillwaters
    Howdy folks, heading up to the Princeton Rodeo this weekend, so naturally, I am scouting out all the fishing holes. Originally I was looking to hit kidd lake, but we have a non-fisher with us who needs a nice place to sit, and the gravel pull out at kidd lake would won't cut it really. I've...
  13. Stillwaters
    Hi all, I recently got my new pontoon boat and wanted to head out to some of the lower mainland lakes as they are ice free. Has anyone else been doing the same...... or know of some lakes that have been fishing well....if you dont wanna share info with the whole world a pm would be great...
  14. Stillwaters
    The ice must almost be off the lakes in the interior with the temperature being what it is!! I hear guys where fishing Kamloops lake on the week end in their boat and did quite well. Anybody know how the lakes around Meritt are doing?
  15. Stillwaters
    Hey all, I’m starting to plan a first trip up from central WA for lake fishing. My timeframe (dictated by work) will be mid-June and I’ll probably have 4-5 days to fish. I’m looking for input for a handful of lakes to get a feel for the Merritt/Kamloops region. I'll be bringing my water...
  16. Stillwaters
    Anybody fished peterhope lately? I have been skunked there enough times to know better. But I have also landed my largest 'loops bow there as well. Might head up this weekend. Tanks
1-16 of 16 Results