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  1. Stillwaters
    Im planning a trip to hen ingram (9 mile) lake, If anyone knows some good facts about the lake, or fly patterns that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Fly Fishing
    hey folks, new to the site,live in kelowna, love to fish, Every day during the summer months I take my dog swimming down to okanagan lake, during the spring time i noticed alot of rainbow action in the little bay where i take my dog swimmng, so as a fisherman I naturally brought my flyrod down...
  3. Stillwaters
    Hey guys, fellow fly fisher from Calgary here. I'm heading up to Adams lake in mid to third week of Sept with pops for my birthday. Not looking for your favorite spots, just was wondering if anyone had any experience on the lake or the upper adams river and had any tips. Thanks! Buck
  4. Environmental, Politics & Regulation Discussion
    So this morning, I went on an adventure into new territory. Last week I was on this secluded road and saw a swamp that came within 2 meters of the road; when I got home, I checked a map, and found out that the swamp was about 500 meters long, and then joined a small lake (for some reason not...
  5. Stillwaters
    Hi everyone, anyone been up to Madden Lake ( near Oliver ) this year and if so hows the fishing been? I havent been there in about 5 years , was a good little lake for chronies so was wondering about now? P.S. Also considering trying out Idleback lake if anyone has a recent fishing update...
  6. Stillwaters
    heading down to the cranbrook area, and camping at moyie lake. will be a first for me flyfishing in b.c. but am excited to do it. i will be bringing my fishin yak with me and was wondering and good lakes(for yak) or river(to wade) around cranbrook. i have only flyfished for trout in the...
  7. Stillwaters
    Hello. Im just curious if anyone has been fishing chilliwack lake? And if anyone hhas fly fished it? i will be there for the weekend coming up and may try and do some fishing. I will not have a boat with me. I figured i would try the edges in the morning and evening. i have seen people fish off...
  8. Stillwaters
    I am heading up to Buttle Lake for the first week of Sept, camping with the family. Any recommendations on spots, flies, techniques? I have a float tube and waders. Thanks
  9. Stillwaters
    I am new to flyfishing and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction lake wise, preferably one with boat rentals? Also what wt rod/leader would you recommend for someone that is going to be chasing trout/char? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  10. Stillwaters
    Hello. Im just curious if anyone knows how these lakes have been fishing lately. Any info is appriciated. thankyou.
  11. Stillwaters
    Anyone been to Blue Lake? Any suggestions? I was in Boston Bar yesterday and stopped by for some afternoon fishing...I got one but other than that it was pretty quiet...didn't help that it was extremely hot out but I was using an Olive, bead headed leech. Jon
  12. Stillwaters
    Is there fish in Green Lake? The one near 100 mile. Taking the family there and was wondering if it was worth fishing. Anything else close?
  13. Stillwaters
    Just got back from Hatheume lake this afternoon. Fished the lake for 5 days the first day and a half was tough fishing but found a couple good spots chironie fishing with the best day being about 15-20 fish hooked. biggest was about 3.5 lbs.. but lost a few nice ones. some good chironomid...
  14. Member Introductions
    Any one heard anything about the Ross lake area is the lake on canada side and is the road any good or does it still eat small vehicles.Thinking I'll try it on long weekend
  15. Stillwaters
    im planning on going out to big lake this weekend.wondering hows the fishing been out there?
  16. Stillwaters
    Well I went to Dugan Lake towards Horsefly and noticed huge clumps of algae floating plus lots of murky water. I assume the lake has turned over now. There were small 8" Brookies to be caught but nothing else were bitting. Time to head out west today or monday!
  17. Stillwaters
    Heading up to Sheridan for a week staying at Loon Bay Resort. I usually fish out of a pontoon boat but with such a large lake does anybody have any suggestions for areas to fish? Is there good fishing in close proximity to Loon Bay or should I rent a boat which will allow me to explore the lake?
  18. Stillwaters
    Has anyone fished Hatheume yet this year, it usually gets going for Chironomids around this time of year, but I have heard a few people say that is is not going yet. We would like to fish there this weekend, but not if it is not happening yet.
  19. Stillwaters
    I have been diggin around the web trying to find some good detailed maps of lakes. The ones i am most interested in are around Chataway Lakes.
  20. Stillwaters
    hey im going to alice lake this weekend any does any one have info on that lake
1-20 of 45 Results