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  1. FOTM Vote/Poll Forum
    July Fly O' the Month Poll - Caddis Nymph/Pupa! Great flies tied by all thank you for your participation! Everyone, please vote for your favorite July Fly O' the Month. Here is a link to the FOTM gallery to make your choice, http://www.flyfishbc.com/photopost/g697-july-2010.html then come...
  2. Monthly Fly Tying Challenge
    July Fly O' the Month: Caddis Nymph/Pupa!! Post your pictures in this thread and they also must be uploaded in this months Fly O' the Month Gallery to qualify for the prize. Click this link to see the new monthly prizes and detials (New Fly Line) available for this contest. Happy tying...
1-2 of 2 Results