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  1. Fly Fishing
    We (5 guys) from the Netherlands planned a trip to Vancouver Island from 9 october till 23 october 2010. Our "base" will be Port Alberni and we rent a 4x4 to get to the fishinggrounds ;) Can anyone give some information about this area? Do and don't's? FYI, we are flyfishermen, no lures or what...
  2. Fly Fishing
    All of the pinks were over 18”, they averaged 20-21” but they ranged from 18-26” all fish were released unharmed. So here’s how it all went down. Arrived in Comox late Thursday night (Aug. 5), got the rods, bags etc, got the rental car and off we went to Campbell River. We got to our cabin (elk...
  3. Stillwaters
    I'm making the move from Winnipeg to Victoria/Nanaimo this October as I am enrolling in a Fisheries & Aquaculture program at VIU for Fall 2011, and was curious of any triploid stillwater fisheries on the island. Feel free to PM, as any information is appreciated! I'm not really looking for the...
  4. Saltwater Fishing
    Anyone have any general fly fishing information for Cortes Island? My girlfriend is moving there and it looks like I might be spending quite a bit of time up in that area. Any info would be appreciated.
  5. Saltwater Fishing
    With the mention of sea run cutthroat on salt spring island I was wondering if anyone knew if there was any chance of these feisty trout on galiano???
  6. Saltwater Fishing
    Headed up to Pender Island next weekend. Looking for any info on areas to fish. I will be staying on the Hope Bay (eastern shore) of the north island. I know where there is some good looking SRC habitat near Port Browning, but not much in the way of good tide change. I was thinking about...
  7. Stillwaters
    pls delete
  8. Fly Fishing
    How do you go about fishing for these on the fly? I'm from Nanaimo and thought it would be a nice change to hit some closer lakes for bass. I have heard that a dead drift with a green wooly bugger works if you know where to go. Are there any other good techniques?
1-8 of 9 Results