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  1. Buy, Sell or Trade - Classifieds
    Looking for a cheap 7 wt reel and line ill be using for beach fishing. Just something to do the job. Also looking for a fly line if possible an integrated sink tip line. Please pm me with what you have. Thanks!
  2. Fly Fishing
    Whats the difference and would you use tippet or leader for spey fishing?
  3. Fly Fishing
    Hello, I am from Edmonton Alberta and am planning a trip to Vernon in mid August to ride some bikes and go fishing with my kid. The problem is that I have never fished in Vernon and am asking for some info on which streams or river s to fish as well as any fly suggestions. Please help me out...
  4. Buy, Sell or Trade - Classifieds
    Hey there, fisher people. I won a spey set-up a couple years back and have never used it. Not a fly fisherman so never going to use it, and someone should so here it is..... 1 - Redington RS4 1499 (14'9") No9 Line 1 - Redington reel, silver CD9/10 1 - Redington spool, silver SCD 9/10 1 -...
  5. Monthly Fly Tying Challenge
    Monthly Fly Tying Challenge: Ok everyone, starting in 2012 we’ll be trying something new here on FFBC, we’re going to have monthly fly tying challenges. Here is how it will work. Each month will be hosted by one of our members. Members wishing to sign up to host a month will post a reply to...
  6. Fly Fishing
    Im looking to trade my Lamiglas 9 weight rod, its just a little to stiff for my liking and i have only used it maybe 5 times last summer and I want to go with something a little lighter. Either a 7/8 weight or 8 weight rod. If anyone has a Saltwater fly rod there wanting to trade for my 9 weight...
  7. Fly Swaps
    Anyone interested in doing another saltwater fly swap? Please reply to this thread if you are interested. Here are the details; All flies HAVE to be tied on 100% Stainless Steel hooks, (no nickle plated) this is a must, don't send them if they are not on SS hooks. The deadline to have your...
  8. Fly Fishing
    Hello everyone, I have been a fly fisher for most of my life. I grew up in the Kootenays and have fished for trout exclusively with exceptions of land lock Kokanee and Dollys. I have lived on the coast for the last five years and am starting to get an itch to catch some salmon. I don't think I...
  9. Monthly Fly Tying Challenge
    September Fly O' the Month: Saltwater Coho Beach Pattern!! Post your pictures in this months Fly O' the Month Gallery and in the Septembers thread with recipe to qualify for the this months prize. Click this link to see the new monthly prizes and detials (New Fly Line) available for...
  10. Off-Topic Lounge
  11. Monthly Fly Tying Challenge
    What does everyone want to see for the FOTM in September?? I was going to say a pink salmon fly?
  12. Saltwater Fishing
    After a couple of years of sporadic attempts (because that is all you get when you have a new child) I finally landed a Pink Salmon on a fly. The setting was a little more urban than I usually prefer to fish, but that is where the fish were... If you are in the Nanaimo area and are so inclined...
  13. Fly Tying
    Just thought I'd see what everyones using as their favorite goto fly for pinks. Are you using the same for beach and river fishing? I'm going to be heading over to Nanaimo to test the beaches and rivers over the next few weeks. I've heard that they are currently schooling around the harbour...
  14. Alberta Fly Fishing
    Definitely not the right time of the season to start flyfishing for pike but I've been talking about it for some time and decided to give it a go. There are definitely some addictive qualities to speed stripping and having that fly stop dead! Can only imagine at this point what a 25 lb. pike...
  15. Monthly Fly Tying Challenge
    August Fly O' the Month: Bomber Chironomid!! Post your pictures in this thread with recipe and they also must be uploaded in this months Fly O' the Month Gallery to qualify for the prize. Click this link to see the new monthly prizes and detials (New Fly Line) available for this...
  16. FOTM Vote/Poll Forum
    July Fly O' the Month Poll - Caddis Nymph/Pupa! Great flies tied by all thank you for your participation! Everyone, please vote for your favorite July Fly O' the Month. Here is a link to the FOTM gallery to make your choice, http://www.flyfishbc.com/photopost/g697-july-2010.html then come...
  17. Fly Swaps
    To my surprise after having all the votes tallied and having the winning fly declared"the Lady Peacock"..I found out it was tied by mr.BTREE...congrats.... Lets do this again
  18. Fly Fishing
    I've been using a William Joseph Confluence fly fishing pack for a couple of years now. I like it very much, but have not yet figured out a use for the 'things' along the bottom edge of the front of the pack (see pics). Does anyone know?
  19. Fly Tying
    I've got this pattern with me that my dad got on a trip a while ago from somewhere around the cowichan river. Is anyone from that area and knows this pattern? If anyone could help me out with this, maybe buy me a dozen or 2 and i send you money it would be a huge help! Or tie some up for me...
  20. Fly Tying
    Hey guys I cant figure out how to get my fly on the fly of the month contest can I get a point in the right direction plz. Ive tied this one for years. i started it in an attempt to copy a horsefly
1-20 of 51 Results