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  1. Fly Fishing
    Hi there, I'm new here, and relatively new to fly fishing. I have a 9' 7/8 rod, and a 9' 5 wt rod, both have floating line, now I'm looking to get a sinking line, but I'm a little overwhelmed with the types out there? I fish majorly south alouette river, but occasional lake fishing. Could...
  2. Advertiser Specials
    M&Y SUMMER SUPER SALE EXTRAVAGANZA coined by Adrienne and Tim AUG 4-7, 2011 Inventory Clearance: All old stock is on sale, up to 80% off. Over the last 25 years we have accumulated a lot of old inventory and it is time to clear it out!! THINK FLY FISHING SUPER GARAGE SALE. 100’s of old...
  3. Fly Fishing
    What kind of dressing do you use on your fly lines to keep them soft and slippery? I have always used Armorall for my lines. Just curious.
1-3 of 3 Results