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  1. Stillwaters
    Hi there, I was hoping someone could tell me what I would use for Pike on a Fly Rod in August. I was fishing for Trout / Greylings and found out there is Pike in this lake we've been camping at. I haven't done any fishing in Northern BC and am just visiting for a few weeks. They don't seem to be...
  2. Fly Fishing
    Good afternoon, I am new to this site. I will be coming to Canada in September to go hunting with my father in the Fort St John area and would like to know some good spots to toss a fly as well. Any local knowledge without giving up the family jewels would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Saltwater Fishing
    Iam a highschool Grad seeking summer employment at a Fishing Lodge/Charter. I'am currently enrolled in a Carpentry program through UVIC. Very experianced/Knowledgable angler and use downriggers regularly. Also an avid fly fisherman. Over 10 years extensive fishing experience, Also used to the...
  4. Advertiser Specials
    M&Y SUMMER SUPER SALE EXTRAVAGANZA coined by Adrienne and Tim AUG 4-7, 2011 Inventory Clearance: All old stock is on sale, up to 80% off. Over the last 25 years we have accumulated a lot of old inventory and it is time to clear it out!! THINK FLY FISHING SUPER GARAGE SALE. 100’s of old...
  5. Off Topic
    The great fishing and hunting contest! With great prizes such as the New DreamSeason Evo Bow, CFO disc drag fly reel, Rush Bow site, A dozen victory armour piercing arrows. Simply Click the link and sign up!! http://huntingfishingezine.com/c/DaveMcdonald
  6. Fly Fishing
    Hello everyone, I have been a fly fisher for most of my life. I grew up in the Kootenays and have fished for trout exclusively with exceptions of land lock Kokanee and Dollys. I have lived on the coast for the last five years and am starting to get an itch to catch some salmon. I don't think I...
  7. Fly Fishing
    Ladiea and Gents, I know this kind of plea is met with a certain - admittedly natural - kind of affrontery, but here goes... I have one day in mid September to fish in the Victoria area whilst there on business. I need an area to fish for about 6 hours total, that's all I have. That's time on...
  8. Fly Fishing
    Hey guys and gals, I am heading out to Alouette Lake in golden ears this weekend for some camping and my nephews 1st birthday. I figured while I was there I could fill my days with some fishing. I was thinking of hiking way up Gold Creek and giving it at try, I have been up there with my...
  9. Fly Fishing
    Well I started my trip on Sunday of last week, arrived at 9am to a dead calm beach, filled to the brim with fly and gear fishers alike. I geared up, tied on my fly, and walked an hour down the beach to a small school, i had all to myself. After a few casts with a small shrimp pattern, i hooked...
  10. Fly Fishing
    Well, ventured up to Nile Creek Saturday night, and awoke before dawn and hit the beach to see an amazing sunrise. Some baitfish were jumping, and even a couple of cutties. I had a couple of hours to enjoy the experience, and didn't even mind not catching any fish. (I would have caught one...
  11. Stillwaters
    Hey there, I just picked up a fly rod and I'm looking to get out there. I don't have a boat or any sort and to be honest, I have no real idea what I'm doing. I was hoping someone could direct me to somewhere where I could go out and do some shore 'fishing', which I'm sure will be more like...
  12. Stillwaters
    Lately I've watched a couple of really cool You Tube clips of guys fly fishing for Bass with dry lines and poppers, (? is that the right term? lol) any advice on waters within 2-3 hours of Vancouver that would be good place to try this out? From what I've seen it looks like a very active and...
  13. Fly Fishing
    I've been using a William Joseph Confluence fly fishing pack for a couple of years now. I like it very much, but have not yet figured out a use for the 'things' along the bottom edge of the front of the pack (see pics). Does anyone know?
  14. Fly Fishing
    It has been my experience that children these days are more interested in the indoors than the outdoors. They seem to care more about video games and facebook updates than the dry fly action in the summer. Does this mean the sport of fishing will end with us older generations? Will future...
  15. Stillwaters
    Greetings all Have been working almost to the arctic circle this year currently 330 km's northwest of Yellowknife at a gold exploration canp(10 People in total,1 drill 2 sets of drillers) ice still approx 28 inches thick but going fast,wind has been warm last few days.Lots of dark spots on ice...
  16. Site Features, News & Issue Information
    Greetings all,from 330 km Northwest of Yellowknife Still working in the great white north,have been a member of this forum for awhile and was wondering,how do I attach jpegs of fishing et al to a message being sent to another member ??? Look forward to your response Cheers Chris Pyett
  17. Stillwaters
    I've heard rumors of a fishing derby near Falkland this weekend does anyone know of it or have any information? I'm not extremely interested in going (as I'd rather not fish in that kind of a setting) but I'd like to know what lake it's on or the area it's in. Thanks in advance.
  18. Fly Fishing
    Maybe I should've put it here but if you want a long read go to the Alberta Stillwaters category and take a pillow and blanket because it goes on and on.
  19. Saltwater Fishing
    Hey everyone, This summer I'll be heading up north island to the prot mcneil region in search of some tidal pinks and coho, but have never done any fly fishing in the salt so am a little bit of a noob in that essence. My question is what should i be buying as far as a rod reel and line goes, as...
1-19 of 30 Results