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  1. Fly Fishing
    Hello, I just purchased a used Watermaster Kodiak personal watercraft and looking for buddies interested in floating and fly fishing BC rivers. I live in Vancouver. I'd be up for day trips or multi-day trips. I have a 2WD car to help with vehicle drops. Cheers, taylor
  2. Fly Fishing
    Im taking a trip out to BC later in Augest. I reside here on the east coast of the country, fishing atlantic salmon. I know little about fishing for pacific salmon - so any help would be greatly appreciated. This is how my time on the island is going to pan out - Augest 20-21st I'll be in the...
  3. Floating Craft
    fish cat 4, used twice, comes with carrying bag, flippers, dual action pump, scotty flyrod holder, and shoes to protect your waders. $350 obo
  4. Stillwaters
    Hey all, Last weekend I recieved a new reel for my birthday...A Redington CD 5/6, seems like a nice reel. I also caught a couple nice little Gerrards on it. Here's a pic of one with the reel..Just for fun.. http://i853.photobucket.com/albums/ab100/springpin_2010/firstfishNewreel.jpg 3rd...
  5. Fly Fishing
    Soooo , I was at one of my favorite fishing holes near the dee lake chain friday. I was out for about an hour and caught a few nice trout when unexpectably ZIIIIIIIIIIIING ! I get the hardest strike I have ever felt on my fly rod ! Within a matter of seconds I was into my backing and started to...
  6. Fly Fishing
    Okay i know this may sound silly... BUT What IF there was a cross breed of a steelhead and coastal cutthroat that was ocean run... Just something i've been thinking about. Kind of like a Sea run cut-bow. I think that would be sweet. Just my :2cents:
  7. Fly Fishing
    Hi names Chris 22 years old from Richmond and lookin for people to fish with, I float tube right now Used to trolling a fly with my uncle i fished with when i was younger, but wanting to learn to cronomid fish. Usually fish the merrit kamloops area but up for fishing anywere. If anyone else is...
  8. Fly Fishing
    This September i am going up to Pink Mountain to hunt for elk and im going to bring my fly rod as long as well, but i have no idea where to fish. If anyone could help me out if they have had any experience up there fishing and tell me some rivers or lakes that are good that would be great.
  9. Fly Fishing
    This has been my first season targeting winter steelhead and I've heard the saying that they are the fish of 1,000 casts. I don't think this saying is entirely true and feel it should be adjusted to the fish of 10,000 paces. On my days out my legs are always way more sore from hiking than my...
  10. Fly Tying
    These flies look similar to what I will typically tie for Winter Steelhead fishing...the Minnow looking fly is not typical yet very effective...what I like about these flies is having the ability to change them in the field...different colour cone heads or different weight,different length tubes...
  11. Fly Fishing
    now i'm sure there are posts from the past about this. maybe even not that far ago. but i'm curious and maybe peoples feelings have changed. what are everyones favorite fish to catch on the fly? cuttys, seas runs, steelys (summer or winterrun), a specific salmon, bows, dollys, bulls, carp...
  12. Fly Fishing
    back in pr we have big cuttys. jsut being blunt. but we also have a lot of lakes that are full of 1.5lb fish and less which are relative to size, very scrappy. i have a 5 weight rod which is great for i feel all around fishing in the area. good for big and smaller fish. i also have my 8 weight...
1-12 of 12 Results