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  1. Fly Tying
    Just thought I'd see what everyones using as their favorite goto fly for pinks. Are you using the same for beach and river fishing? I'm going to be heading over to Nanaimo to test the beaches and rivers over the next few weeks. I've heard that they are currently schooling around the harbour...
  2. Off-Topic Lounge
    Hey everybody whats your favorite movie? Just curious is all Mine is defanetly Forrest Gump And if thats yours to its Can't Get Enough Of Gump Week...WOOOT!! almost as good as Shark week.
  3. Fly Fishing
    now i'm sure there are posts from the past about this. maybe even not that far ago. but i'm curious and maybe peoples feelings have changed. what are everyones favorite fish to catch on the fly? cuttys, seas runs, steelys (summer or winterrun), a specific salmon, bows, dollys, bulls, carp...
  4. Fly Fishing
    yup, i went there!! lol. so, what's your favorite rod company, Sage, TFO, Loomis, Lamiglas...? personally, i've grown extremely fond of Temple Fork Outfitters. i own 2, a 3wt and an 8wt. both cast like a dream, feel nice, and look good too. they also have an unconditional lifetime warranty...
1-4 of 4 Results