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  1. Off-Topic Lounge
    The great fishing and hunting contest! With great prizes such as the New DreamSeason Evo Bow, CFO disc drag fly reel, Rush Bow site, A dozen victory armour piercing arrows. Simply Click the link and sign up!! http://huntingfishingezine.com/c/DaveMcdonald
  2. Fly Swaps
    To my surprise after having all the votes tallied and having the winning fly declared"the Lady Peacock"..I found out it was tied by mr.BTREE...congrats.... Lets do this again
  3. Fly Swaps
    Love these fly swaps we do and was thinking about raising the bar>>I know it is at times dangerous to think too much but here goes! A Summer Run Steelhead Fly contest; and this is going to put your tying skills to the test. All flies presented will be put into a special Fly Box and displayed in...
1-3 of 3 Results