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  1. Stillwaters
    Im going to go camping at Edith and Roche lake in 2 weeks from now and im wondering what type of chironomids i should bring? Im going to get abot 20-30 of them so ill buy a few in different sizes. thanks
  2. Fly Tying
    I've received a few requests for the recipe for some of the chironomids I posted a picture of so I figured I'd post the recipe. Really it is a very simple variation of a thread body chironomid. Instead of the rib going over as the last step the ribbing material goes down first and thread goes...
  3. Monthly Fly Tying Challenge
    August Fly O' the Month: Bomber Chironomid!! Post your pictures in this thread with recipe and they also must be uploaded in this months Fly O' the Month Gallery to qualify for the prize. Click this link to see the new monthly prizes and detials (New Fly Line) available for this...
  4. Stillwaters
    Hey Guys, im farely new to fly fishing, and was wondering if i could get some input on some good strike indicators for Chironomid fishing. Any advice would be great, thanks - Blackgivesway2blue :D
  5. Stillwaters
    Just got back from Hatheume lake this afternoon. Fished the lake for 5 days the first day and a half was tough fishing but found a couple good spots chironie fishing with the best day being about 15-20 fish hooked. biggest was about 3.5 lbs.. but lost a few nice ones. some good chironomid...
1-5 of 5 Results