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    I'm selling my 2011 12' Princeraft Ungava. The boat is in very good shape and has been hardly used. Some minor dock rubbing. It has 2 Scotty anchor mounts and an extra seat for the bow. It also comes with 2 padded seats and princecraft seat rails that makes for very easy mounting and...
  2. Floating Craft
    Hey all, Im looking for a new pontoon boat at the end of the summer, but am not too sure what too look for. I've been looking around but still, not too sure what to look for. I'll be looking in the range of 500 give or take, and one thats reliable enough to take it into the rivers as a drift...
  3. Floating Craft
    Hi All, I recently bought myself a Discovery IR9 pontoon boat and now find myself wondering how to store it. No mention of proper technique in the manual. 1) Do you roll or fold your pontoons? 2) Is it necessary to take out the bladders? 3) I was thinking a hockey bag might be large enough...
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